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Terms of Use

This is a legally binding document. It contains the rights and responsibilities of both Elite Assignment Help and any customers/visitors. In the event that there is any conflict, the terms outlined here supersede any other policies on our website. Anyone accessing our website agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions whether they choose to purchase a product or not.

Hold Harmless Agreement

It is our obligation to deliver original documents or to provide other services, on time, and in compliance with customer instructions. We are not liable or responsible beyond that. This is because there are so many factors that we cannot control. These include but are not in any way limited to the following:

  • The Ability of The Customer to Understand Their Instructors Requirements
  • Whether or  Not The Customer Makes Additions or Changes
  • The Grading Standards of The Instructor
  • Whether or Not The Student Turns in The Work on Time
  • The Choice of The Student to Reveal That They Used a Writing Service
  • The Customer’s Decision to Use The Paper They Are Provided in an Attempt to Profit

Because of this, we cannot offer any guarantees with regard to grades, academic discipline, workplace issues, or legal problems anyone faces by using our products or services. Ultimately, our products are intended for research and demonstration purposes only.

Authorized Use of Our Services And Products

Unless otherwise stated, use of our products is limited to personal and academic use. Customers may not sell any papers created by us or otherwise profit from them. Customers are only entitled to use of products they have purchased from us. They may not use any content from our website, social media sites, or blog without our consent. Further customers agree that they will not use our products or services in an attempt to commit fraud or otherwise break the law.

Business customers may use the products we deliver on their website, in emails, or other channels in order to sell products and services, increase website traffic, or otherwise increase their profitability. However, like student customers, they may not sell content provided to them to other businesses. Any exception to this rule will be on a case by case basis and will be put in writing.

Order Placement And Delivery of Products

The following steps outline the process of placing an order and receiving completed products:

  1. New customers must register by providing us with necessary contact information.
  2. Customers complete the order form. They will provide information such as their academic level, type of document that they are requesting, the number of pages or words, the topic of their paper, the citation format, the number of resources required, and instructions for completing the assignment.
  3. Customers who have resources they need us to use can link these or upload them when they place their order.
  4. When the order is completed, the customer will be routed to a page where they will select their method of payment and fill in any required fields.
  5. They will then submit their order.
  6. The order will be received by our customer service department where someone will review it and assign it to a qualified writer.
  7. The writer will contact the customer to let them know that work has started.
  8. The customer and writer may communicate directly with one another until the work is finished. If changes are requested, they may impact the writer’s ability to meet any previously established deadlines.
  9. When work is finished, the customer will be notified. They will be given the opportunity to review the completed work online. At this point they may accept the document and download it, or request a revision.
  10. Revision requests will be accepted up to one week after downloading the assignment. Whether or not the revision will be charged or provided for free is at the discretion of EliteAssignmentHelp.com staff.

Legal Jurisdiction

We have done the due diligence required to determine that we are within the bounds of law wherever we conduct business. However, we are not obligated to provide that same assurance to our customers. It is the responsibility of each person to determine whether or not they are allowed to use our services or access our website. We are not liable for any legal or personal consequences that may happen as a result of using our products or services illegally.

Other Policies

We have several policy pages on our website. These include, but are not limited to policies on money back guarantee, privacy, revisions, and disclaimers. Customers and visitors agree to familiarize themselves with all of our policies and to keep abreast of any potential changes.

In the event that there is a contradiction between another policy page and this terms of use, the terms of use policy will override the other policy document.

Third Party Websites

We include links to other websites on our pages for a variety of reasons. They may be an advertisement, sources in our blog pages, or simple links to external content that we believe our visitors may find relevant. However, if a customer or visitor decides to click on one of these links they do so at their own risk. Because we cannot control the security of other websites or the privacy policies of other companies, we are not responsible for any negative results of visiting other websites, even those we link here.

Policy Amendments

All of our policies can be changed at any time. However, we will provide notice on our website after any changes are made. If customers do not see this notification, they are still bound to the modified policies.

When policy changes are made, they impact any orders or other customer activities or interactions that occur after the changes are published. Existing and previous orders are not impacted unless the changes made are for legal or regulatory purposes.