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Money Back Guarantee

We work very hard to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with their experience with us. Thankfully, we have been able to accomplish this goal in nearly 100% of our customer interactions. However, in spite of this great track record, we sometimes fall short. In addition to this, there are times when circumstances beyond our control prevent us from delivering a customer’s order as planned.

When things go wrong, our goal is to make things right. Sometimes, this means issuing a refund or awarding credit towards a future order. This is why we have backed some of our guarantees with a the promise of a refund or credit. The purpose of this policy page is to thoroughly outline the policies and procedures that relate to refunds and credits.

Refunds And Credits

Unless otherwise specified, we use the terms refund and credit interchangeably. This is because in most cases we reserve the right to offer customers either a refund or credits toward a future order. We feel that it is important to define what a refunds and credits are, and to provide some general guidelines about how each works.


Refunds are the equivalent to cash. When we decide to offer a refund, we calculate how much is owed, and then return it to you so that you can use those funds at your own discretion. When we issue a refund, we generally abide by the requirements of your bank or credit card. For example, we will issue a credit memo to your bank, or inform your credit card company that you are due a credit.

If we inform you that you are to receive a refund, and you do not receive it please let us know. We will investigate the situation and take action. If the situation warrants it, we will wire or mail funds to cover ensure that we will deliver on our promise of a refund. Let us know if you have not received a refund as promised within ten business days.


Credits are given to our customers so that they can use them to pay for future orders.  Our system equates one credit to one dollar. Credits can be applied to future orders. They can’t be transferred to other customers or converted into cash.

Order Cancellations

If you need to cancel an order, please do so as soon as possible. If you are able to do so before your order has been assigned to a writer, you will receive a full refund. Once your order has been assigned, any refund will be prorated to take into consideration any research or writing that has been completed.

Missed Deadlines

If we do not deliver your products on or before the deadline, we will complete the work as quickly as possible. In addition to this, we will calculate a refund or credit to offer you as well. This will be determined by our customer service representatives and will take into account the length of the delay.

Double Billing

We have procedures in place that will red flag and prevent any double billing. However, if you do believe you have been double billed or overcharged, please contact customer service. Our representative will let you know what we need in order to verify your claim. Once we have the information we need, we will arrange for any overcharge to be credited back to your account.

Duplicate Orders

Because you receive notification each time you place an order, it is nearly impossible to submit duplicate orders. Because of this, duplicate orders are treated the same way as cancellations. Please inform us as soon as possible once you become aware that you have submitted a duplicate order. We want to help you maximize your refund.

Failure to Assign Your Order

On very rare occasions we are unable to find an available writer for an order. When this occurs, we will immediately provide you with a full refund.

Writer Emergency

If your writer encounters an illness or emergency that prevents them from being able to finish your paper, we will make every effort to transfer the work to another writer. However, if we cannot do this, or if there will be a missed deadline, you will be eligible for a refund.

Originality Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that all work delivered to customers is 100 percent original. In the event that it is proven that any writer has provided content that is not original, the customer is entitled to an immediate and full refund. Further, they will be offered a significant credit towards future orders.

Fortunately, there has never been a credible allegation of plagiarism. We are also happy to provide customers with a plagiarism scan report for every document we deliver.