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About us

Welcome to Elite Assignment Help – UK's number one assignment writing service. Here, we will tell you a little bit more about us and our company’s goals.

Soon after founding Elite Assignment Help became an established writing service through our hard work and commitment to producing high quality written assignments. Our company came about when a group of like-minded people got together and discussed the pressures on today’s students. The discussion turned to what could be done to reduce those pressures for students in the United Kingdom and beyond, and lo and behold, Elite Assignment Help was born!

We now employ over one thousand writers who are experts across a huge range of subjects and we continue to grow and add to our writers list every week.

Our aim is simple: we want to be able to provide help to any student who needs it! We aim to provide the perfect combination of affordable services that produce high-quality assignments every time. We want to be in a position to never have to turn any student away and we are committed to providing an all round writing service that is affordable for every budget.

We believe that education is one of the most important foundations to continue to flourish and grow, and you, the students, hold the power to make that happen in your hands. And we want to be a part of that by helping you to reach your full potential at every step.

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