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The Benefits of Eating Nuts

Communication is a way that a message or information is passed from one end to another. The need to eat nuts every day has been confirmed by scientists to be healthy and prolongs life. The nutrients found in nuts are said to be vitamins, healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants. It is useful to the overweight people who would like to lose weight; healthy fat helps a person eating nuts on a daily basis to lose mass. For the people to get the information about the benefits of eating nuts, the audiences must be addressed in a manner that can help to understand the essence of eating nuts (Friedman, 2010). The approach that the message can be delivered to the older adults cannot be the same way a college student or a child below the age of 12 years can be addressed.


Nuts contain a high percentage of proteins. Besides the proteins found in nuts, most of the heart-healthy components are present including  fiber, omega-3 acids, L-arginine, vitamins E that help in prevention of plaques to the arteries and also the unsaturated fats. Apart from the prevention of heart diseases to the people who eat nuts, they are said to prolong the lifespan of human beings. The information must be passed to people of all ages and the strategy to drive the information to the public is structured depending on the age bracket of a target group. A general presentation must be prepared that can be used to educate any age group, and the other audiences are set to receive the information according to the level of understanding as well as the health risks that are exposed to the group. For example, the people who are aged over 55 years have a high-risk of getting a heart attack than the college students or children below the age of 12 years.

The Health Benefits of Eating Nuts

Fats are essential in a human body and the raw nutrients from fresh food contain the best components that keep the people healthy. Nuts help to prevent diseases and promote the mitochondrial health. In every diet, a small portion of nuts must be accompanying the meal. Nuts help the human beings to maintain a good systolic system that lowers blood pressure. A better regulation of the cardiovascular health and greater longevity are maintained. Apart from other health factors that are experienced through the eating of nuts, the mortality rate is reduced by the consumption of nuts. Persons who eat nuts often are deemed to live a long life compared to the people who do not eat nuts (Bao, Han, Hu, Giovannucci, Stampfer, Willett, & Fuchs, 2013). The portions consumed should not be too much but in moderate grams.

Benefits of Eating Nuts for all Audiences

There are so many types of nuts that people eat that range from almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, and pistachions. They are not all available in all regions; however, the nuts contain almost similar contents that can be used in the body. The fat content and other nutrients fall under the same class, and the health benefits are the same. When people eat nuts, they prolong the lifespan and prevent diseases from attacking. The people serving food at home and other eating-places should learn to avail little portions of nuts to complete the meals.

Benefits of Eating Nuts to Senior People of Over 55 Years Audiences

The older people experience many health issues due to lack of exercise and being inactive. When older people type 2 diabetes attacks them and high blood pressure. The stated diseases lead to the development of a heart attack, however, the consumption of nuts helps to reduce the levels of these attack. As an older people, the use of raw foods helps to get the nutrients right from the source without any additives or other preservatives. The nuts contain ingredients that the younger people enjoy when feeding on foods like French fries and other dip-fried foods.

Benefits of Eating Nuts to Children Younger than 12 Years Audiences

The children under the age 12 are supposed to be provided with diets that make the children grow healthy. For a child to grow better, the brain is supposed to be growing faster to improve the child’s IQ and LAD. The brain is the major organ for children because it increases the child ability to learn things associated with the environment.

The healthy brain makes the child memorize information for a long time, thus the child can learn some basics, such as communicating with the mother. For a child to crawl, the brain and bones are supposed to be strong and healthy. The brain performs essential activities, such as balancing the body. A cerebral serves such functions as keeping information and balancing body regardless of the posture.

 The children immunity levels depend on the level of the vitamins contained in the body. Children are vulnerable to various diseases, such as polio, typhoid, rickets, cholera, and flu (Luo, Zhang, Ding, Shan, Chen, Yu, & Liu, 2014). Thus, the consumption of nuts makes the children body to acquire more vitamins that improve the body immune against the diseases. It is recommended for the parents to check the body immune via the healthcare facilities. Moreover, children daily meals should be rich in nuts to give energy and better functionality of the brain.

Benefits of Eating Nuts to College Students Audience

There are many types of nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, and pistachios. The three nuts contain many essential fatty acids that can assist the student brain to perform better compared to the students who do not consume nuts. Another added benefit for eating nuts is that it makes the brain of a student have enough oxygen, thus increasing the level of attention during class periods; hence, the student can retain more information. Minimum of a single ounce of nuts every day is recommended for the optimal health of the brain. The nut has a high amount of unsaturated fat (good fat) and calories, which makes good energy; therefore, nuts are a flawless recipe for a student to score excellent grades in exams.

According to the research, students always face various challenges in their day-to-day activities. It is quite difficult for the health of the students to be balanced because students are engaged in more activities, such as attending lessons, writing exams, and performing physical exercises. After school activities students are supposed to handle some house activities at home. Thus, most students end up not balancing their diets due to series of activities they handle every day. The nutrition experts always advise the parents to give the students meal containing the nuts every morning to increase the performance during the day.

Many youths like eating junk food that is full of fats that are dipped in boiled oil and fried. The fats that are found in the junk food facilitate the increase of weight and the reduction of blood vessels size. The learning institutions make it difficult for students to afford proper food that is healthy and pocket-friendly. The nuts can be easily accessible from the open market and fried for consumption. The portions required to keep healthy is in very small grams that donot need much to acquire. The learning experienced by students when studying can lead to severe diseases that can affect the life of the students after school. To ensure that the health status of the college students is well catered for, they should be advised to eat small portions of nuts after every meal. As an institution, the price for the healthy foods, such as nuts and other nutritious foods can be subsidized in price to encourage the consumption. 

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