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Define an Educated Person

Different theorists and educationists have come up with various and often non-conflicting ideologies on how an educated person can be defined. The most appropriate ideology or basis in which intellectuals can identify this individual is the characteristics. The debate on the most suitable definition intensified with theorists such as Socrates giving their inputs and excluding the concept of knowledge in his definition. This paper focusses on the characteristics of educationists as the basis of coming up with a concrete definition of an educated person.

Educated people have the ability to have transparent and independent thoughts and have good judgments despite having knowledge on how to learn. These characteristics make the educated individuals express logical views and opinions on life occurrences. Educated persons also have the capability of taking initiative and working under minimal or no supervision despite having knowledge of acquiring desirable skills through the identification and utilization of minimal resources, carrying out a deconstruction on the process of learning, and experimenting with potential approaches. Clear and concise communication of their inductive and deductive thoughts and ideas analytically, and critically is prime for enlightened people.

An individual who is always in control and is never controlled by any situation or anybody is educated. They manage to maneuver through circumstance that has a potential of constricting them. An educated individual can logically and courageously face situations in life. Honesty is essential for knowledgeable personalities. According to most philosophers, a person who can control the pleasures and is not defeated by failures and mishaps can be deemed as refined educationally. The final characteristic of an educated person is their tremendous efforts in ensuring that they are never worn by their glory and success.

Educated people also have a tendency of questioning assumptions brought forward by other theorists. Other characteristics include;

  1. Knowledge on how to distinguish between information that is irrelevant and those that are relevant.
  2. The capability of making productive use of knowledge as they know how what information they need to make a change in the society. They incorporate this knowledge with the ideas gathered in their day to day activities into an action plan to achieve projected results.
  3. An educated person can establish, maintain, and work hard to improve relationships due to their understanding of human nature.
  4. Knowledge on how to resolve misunderstandings and any forms of conflict with their peers and other members of the society.
  5. Knowledge on how to persuade others into having a particular line of thought.
  6. Capability to see unseen connections among ideas, cultures, and different aspects of life.

From these characteristics, it is undebatable that an educated person must have both educational and social skills that enable them to thrive in the society.

All in all, the characteristics and the definitions provided by most philosophers and educationists lead to one first definition of an educationally nourished individual. An educated person is an individual that uses the relevant knowledge acquired through his or her schooling and life experiences to control the way people think about given aspects of the world and to impact positively on the society. Therefore, a person does not need to have high levels of education to be deemed as educated. The only guarantee to the title is the way the person uses his or her knowledge for their individual product and the benefit to the society.

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