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Revision Policy

Thank you to our hardworking team of writers, customer service agents, and quality assurance team, we have a great record of customer satisfaction. However, there are situations where customers may wish to request a revision. When this happens, we  are happy to work quickly to make any needed changes.

While we will do anything we can to accommodate revision requests, there are some guidelines and policies that we have established. This document will outline the different types of revisions that are available, as well as the customer’s rights and responsibilities.

Free Revisions

In many cases, your revisions will be completed for free. If one or more of the following is true, your revision will be completed at no cost to you:

  • You Have Requested a Very Minor Change That Can be Completed Immediately
  • Your Instructions Were Not Followed
  • The Writer Used an Incorrect Source or Failed to Use a Required Source
  • Not Every Product Ordered Was Delivered
  • The Paper Has Too Many or Too Few Words
  • The Writer Selected The Wrong Citation Format
  • There Are Factual Errors
  • There Are Excessive Spelling And Grammar Errors
  • The Writer Missed Citations or Used Them Incorrectly

Please remember that any request for a free revision must be submitted in a timely manner. This is the best way to ensure that your writer is still available, and that the paper is still fresh in their mind. We have a one week limit on requesting free revisions for papers that are twenty pages or less. For those more than twenty pages, the deadline is two weeks. If you are requesting a rewrite of any thesis or dissertation chapters, please contact us. The time allowed on those is variable depending on the length and complexity of the specific assignment.

Paid Revisions

Even if you do not qualify for a free revision, please let us know if you  need any changes made. While we may have to charge a fee, we will work hard to ensure that the work is done quickly, and that your costs are kept to a minimum.

As is the case with free revisions, we ask that you request revisions as soon as possible. We have a limit of thirty days to request free revisions. However, it is much better if you submit your request right away.

Submitting a Revision Request

There are two ways to submit a revision request. The first, and easiest is to submit the request prior to downloading your final documents. Here are the steps you will follow:

  • Upon Receiving Notification That Your Assignment is Ready Log Into Your Account And Review It
  • When You See That Something is Not Right; Click The Button to Request a Revision
  • You Will be Asked to Provide an Explanation of The Revision
  • Provide a Thorough Explanation And Submit  Your Request

When we receive your request, we will quickly review it. If you qualify for a free revision, work will begin immediately. We will also let you know that we have gotten started, and give you an estimated time of completion. If we have to charge for your revision we will be in contact with you. We will provide you with the amount of money the change will cost, and the reason it is a chargeable revision.

Paid revisions will not begin until we have received your authorization to begin as well as the payment due. If you dispute that your revision should be paid, we will have a member of our management team contact you to go over your situation with you.

Paying For Revisions

You may select any payment method to pay for revisions. We accept the same forms of payments that we do when you place your order. Just remember that we cannot start any work until we have received payment.

Your Writer

It is nearly always best to use the same writer for your revision who worked on your paper. This is why it is so important to request revisions as early as possible. Unfortunately, in some cases your writer will be moved quickly to a new project. Rest assured that when this  happens we will find a well qualified writer to take over.

While we strongly discourage it, we will try to accommodate requests for a new writer. However, keep in mind that this could cause a delay as a new writer may take awhile to get acquainted with your assignment.